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Jeremy Hunt Turns to Retail Investors to Save the UK Market

Jeremy Hunt wants UK retail investors to help revive the fortune of the country’s ailing stock market by creating an ISA, a tax-free savings account, for investing in UK equities.

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WTO Extends Moratorium on E-Commerce Tariffs for Two Years

The World Trade Organization agreed to extend a moratorium on e-commerce tariffs for two years after marathon negotiations in Abu Dhabi, while failing to secure deals on other contentious trade issues including a crackdown on agriculture and fisheries subsidies.

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Australia Urged to Align Software Tax Rule With Global Standards

According to the National Foreign Trade Counsel and other industry groups, Australia’s draft ruling to tax payments for software and intellectual property is “overly broad”. The ruling targets goods and services that are often made up of many components, and applying a withholding tax to the entire payment is overreaching.

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