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ITPF History and Leadership

Founded in 1992, the International Tax Policy Forum (ITPF) sponsors nonpartisan academic research and conferences to promote an informed dialogue on international tax issues. ITPF does take positions on legislative or regulatory matters.
John Samuels, Chairman of Global Tax at Blackstone, serves as Chairman of the Forum.
James Hines, Jr. is the Forum's research director.
Peter Merrill is the Staff Director and Pam OlsonWill Morris, Pat Brown, and Karl Russo are consultants to the Forum. They are all based in the Washington National Tax Services of PwC US Tax LLP.

Board of Academic Advisors

James R. Hines, Research Director

Alan Auerbach

Mihir A. Desai

Michael Graetz

Michael Devereux

Michelle Hanlon

Research and Education Programs

To achieve its goal of facilitating an informed dialogue and policymaking process on international tax issues, the International Tax Policy Forum (ITPF) disseminates its independent research in a variety of ways.

Research Papers

The ITPF commissions and publishes papers by the nations leading academic experts. These include: Rosanne Altshuler (Rutgers University), Mihir A. Desai (Harvard Business School), James R. Hines, Jr. (University of Michigan), Glenn Hubbard (Columbia), Matthew J. Slaughter (Dartmouth), Douglas Shackelford (University of North Carolina), and many others. Topics examined by ITPF-commissioned papers have included:

  • The effects of the interest allocation rules on the competitiveness of U.S. firms.
  • The compliance costs of taxing foreign source income.
  • The differences in effective tax rates faced by U.S. domestic companies and U.S.-based multinationals.

ITPF research papers are available to the public and are posted here


ITPF annually sponsors conferences featuring leading tax experts from academia, industry and government as speakers. Conferences sponsored by the ITPF have addressed such topics as:

  • Competition vs. cooperation in global tax policy
  • Tax systems and international trade
  • Territorial income taxation
  • Domestic effects of U.S. investment abroad
  • Taxation of international investment, principles and policies
  • National tax policy in an international economy

Information on upcoming ITPF conferences is available here.

Informal Briefings

In addition to full research papers and formal conferences, ITPF sponsors informal periodic meetings among academic experts, government experts and journalists who cover international tax issues. These informal briefings and discussions help promote a dialogue on these issues.

Education Partnership

The ITPF News Blog is managed by the students at the University of Florida Levin College of Law International Tax LLM Program.

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