Developing Countries Need Political Presence at OECD Tax Talks

By Sarah Paez

Developing countries must mobilize political power to ensure fair representation in the OECD inclusive framework on base erosion and profit shifting, according to Logan Wort, executive director of the African Tax Administration Forum. During a July 9 Tax Justice Network virtual conference, panelists representing the interests of developing countries said they felt that those countries were sidelined during OECD negotiations on a two-pillar solution to modernize global corporate tax rules because of a lack of political representation. At a June 30 meeting, 130 of the 139 countries in the OECD inclusive framework on BEPS released a statement agreeing to a two-pillar plan that would revise profit allocation rules and tentatively set a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent. 

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By Sarah Paez, posted on Sunday July 18, 2021

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