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OECD Identifies Top-Ranking Countries in Carbon Pricing Report

By: Annagabriella Colón

 Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Norway have received top rankings for their carbon prices, and more countries are on track to improve, according to a new OECD report. On March 30 the OECD published a summary of its findings on carbon pricing data measured by the effective carbon rates of 44 OECD and G-20 countries that account for about 80 percent of global emissions. The final report is scheduled for publication April 28. The effective carbon rate is the sum of fuel excise taxes, carbon taxes, and the prices of tradable emissions permits, which reduce emissions by giving low- and zero-carbon energy options a competitive edge over high-carbon alternatives. The countries studied are also given a carbon pricing score, which indicates how much of a country's energy-related carbon emissions face carbon pricing at or above the benchmark rates of €30, €60, or €120 per metric ton.

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By Annagabriella Colón, posted on Wednesday March 31, 2021

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