Full text of UK revenue official's speech to AEI/ITPF tax reform event is now available
David Gauke of Her Majesty's Treasury delivered the central presentation at the September 27 American Enterprise Institute event -- co-sponsored by the International Tax Policy Forum -- "UK tax reform: a road map for the US?"

Gauke presented the UK's reforms and emphasized the goals they intended to achieve, focusing in particular on the reduction of the UK's corporate tax rate from 28 to 24 percent.

The full text of Gauke's presentation is now available.

In addition to Mr. Gauke, the event featured a variety of prominent US and UK experts from the private sector and academia who assessed the applicability of the UK's reforms to the US situation.

More information on the event can be found on the AEI web site.

By Gauke, David, posted on Friday October 12, 2012
Competitiveness; effective tax rates; UK; tax reform; territorial taxation; US government

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