Racialized Tax Inequity: Wealth, Racism, and The U.S. System of Taxation


By Palma Joy Strand and Nicholas A. Mirkay

As a whole, the U.S. tax system (federal, state and local) since 1980 has served more and more to increase racialized wealth inequality. The tax system is today operating to entrench the system of advantage based on race that centuries of racial exploitation and unequal access to wealth created. As the future face of the nation becomes less White, the U.S. tax system as a whole and the anti-tax rhetoric that has fueled its shift from progressive to regressive are driving economic inequality and racial inequity. More deeply, the tax system is inhibiting broad-scale public investment in the primary resource of the future: human capital.

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By Palma Joy Strand and Nicholas A. Mirkay, posted on Tuesday August 27, 2019

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