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Founded in 1992, the International Tax Policy Forum (ITPF) sponsors nonpartisan academic research and conferences to promote an informed dialogue on international tax issues. Currently, ITPF's membership includes more than 40 major, U.S.-based multinational companies. Contact Us


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Alan J. Auerbach
Mihir A. Desai
Michael Devereux
Michael J. Graetz
Michelle Hanlon
James R. Hines, Jr., Research Director
Matthew Slaughter

Glen Hubbard

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Latest News

ATO Targets Mischaracterization in Foreign Investment Structure

By: Ryan Finley

The Australian Taxation Office said it will be closely scrutinizing tax structures used by nonresidents to invest in domestic businesses —  particularly their characterization of income and the form of their investment interests. 

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Proposed Brazilian Digital Tax Faces Uncertain Fate in Congress

By: William Hoke

Brazil’s House of Representatives is considering legislation to subject a wide range of digital activities to progressive taxation. The proposal faces an uncertain future in the National Congress and possible opposition by the United States.

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EU to Propose Minimum Corporate Tax if OECD Can’t Get Consensus

By: Sarah Paez

If countries fail to reach a deal on global minimum corporate taxation this year, the European Commission will propose its own plan by next year, EU Tax Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said.

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